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Reign Sanitary Napkins

All around the world, women are excited to experience Reign Sanitary Napkins. Reign pads are infused with Nobel Prize Winning material "Graphene". The Graphene infused strip may provide various health benefits that may improve micro-circulation, may promote cell activity and may also help support a healthy metabolism. In addition, may help inhibit harmful bacteria growth, allowing females to feel comfortable and most of all dry. Reign has five variations to meet your flow: Ultra Thin Panty Liner for everyday use, Very Light Panty Liner with wings and light absorbency, Moderate, Heavy, and Super Heavy Overnight Flow. 


Our goal at Jewel is to help you look as good as you feel. Our mission is to develop products and opportunities that give you the power to project the confidence that radiates from within. Whatever your age, background or lifestyle, Jewel provides you with products that will improve your life and your lifestyle. We invest our research and development into creating products that not only offer exceptional results, but are also multi-functional, addressing many different aspects that affect your life.

Black JewelLayer 1 – Reign Sanitary Napkins has a 3-dimensional layer, and leak guard sides for extra protection against leakage.

Black JewelLayer 2 – The 2nd layer of Reign has a ultra soft cotton top layer, extremely comfortable an soft to the skin.

Black JewelLayer 3 – The 3rd layer of Reign is an Innovative design that offers a Nobel Prize Winning material “Graphene” infused strip. The infused Graphene strip may provide various health benefits to potentially help with circulatory health, cell activity, and metabolic health. In addition, it may help inhibit harmful bacteria growth.

Black JewelLayer 4 – The 4th layer of Reign offers an Air-laid design for extra protection against undesired leakage. Our innovative design is adept at moving the moisture away from the body, so you feel comfortable and dry.

Black JewelLayer 5 – The 5th layer of Reign is designed with a safe, super absorbent polymer, absorbing up to 10x more menstrual flow than traditional sanitary napkins.

Black JewelLayer 6 – The 6th layer of Reign offers reinforcement against moisture. We have added an additional layer of Air-laid. Reign Sanitary Napkins Innovative design is adept at moving the moisture away from the body, not only do you feel comfortable and dry we have gone step further to add extra protection against leakage.

Black JewelLayer 7 – The 7th layer of Reign offers extreme breath-ability, which eliminates heat and undesirable moisture. The micro-perforated bottom layer offers air dispersion to keep the area cool and most of all dry. This may help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and odor.

Black JewelLayer 8 – The 8th layer of Reign offers a durable, agricultural grade adhesive, without the use of toxic chemicals. Many manufacturers use a construction grade adhesive, which can be extremely detrimental to a female’s most precious area, as well as the planet.

Reign Sanitary Napkins are individually wrapped and sealed with a single strip tape closure design to keep the product secure and protected from any outside elements.

Why Choose Reign Vitamin Sprays 

Our Spray formulations allow the user to absorb the active nutrients easily and at a faster rate through the capillary rich tissue in your mouth, versus an ingested product (pills or capsules) – which rely on primary processing through your digestive system first.

Because of this, our Spray technology is far more effective, allowing your body to utilize all of the necessary nutrients in a much faster response time.

Pills, capsules and gummies act in a very different manner. They need time to break down through your digestive system before your body can use them, which can result in significant loss of potency.

Pills have only an estimated 10 to 15% digestion rate

Our sprays are designed to expand your body’s capacity to handle the mental, physical and emotional demands of today – as well as supplementing the essential nutrients your diet may be lacking. Simply use a Reign Vitamin spray twice daily to notice almost immediate results.

Sprays vs Pills
Reign Vitamin sprays do not contain any fillers or binders. Pills on the other hand do. Common fillers include talcum powder, yeast, starch and sugars, and binders are typically made of wax or shellac. When you take pills, you could be ingesting these unwanted materials.

FDA Disclaimer:These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




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